Call +44 (0)7880 558504 to provide quick responses to urgent requests:                                                                                                         

formulae | data issues | formatting | upgrade | repair of corrupted spreadsheets | consultation, planning, development & implementation. 

Automation of specific tasks in spreadsheets:
data collection | data input | data verification | data manipulation | data analysis | data review | data reporting

Bespoke spreadsheet design and automation for specific tasks such as the management of; 
fixed assets | stock & WIP | bank & cash | debtors | creditors | prepayments & accruals | management accounts

KPIs that suit your business needs:

budgeting models | pricing and costing models | marketing models | KPI reports | overhead & cash-flow analysis 

Customer enquiry management tools: quotes, invoices, contracts, bookings & remote staff management

All encompassing sheets linking various related elements of the business together into one system. 

We can also provide:
General Accounting Function support during peak periods or due to staff illness at short notice.

Audit:                        Detailed review of controls, systems and processes, reporting on weaknesses and advising on improvements. 

Provide assistance during forecast / budgeting period.